***Unlicensed contracting and working without permits is illegal and will result in a stop work order and/or possible FEMA 50% Rule violations.  All stop work orders will be reported to the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB) and the Department of Department of Professional Regulations (DBPR).  To report unlicensed contracting or working without permits, or to verify your contractor's credentials, please call or email our office (permits@mytreasureisland.org, (727) 547-4575, ext. 230), the PCCLB (pcclb.com) or DBPR (myFloridalicense.com).

To apply for permits and ensure your permits are legally issued by the City, please complete a City of Treasure Island building development application.  Once your application is reviewed and approved by the City, you will be notified for payment.  A paid building permit will be issued via email to the applicant on file or it can be picked up at City Hall during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.   FBC 105.7 requires the City issued building permit or copy of the permit be kept on the site of the work until the project is complete.   FBC 105.8 requires a Notice of Comments must be recorded and posted on the job site before the first inspection.

*** The City is not affiliated and does not endorse any third party permitting servicing company.***

Email your applications to permits@mytreasureisland.org if your drawings can be printed to scale at 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17" or you may submit through the drop box located at the rear of City Hall or in person from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.  

1.  Application Received
2.  Completeness Review
     - If complete, you will be notified that your application is complete.
     - Incomplete applications will not be processed.  An email will be sent to the contractor and owner(s) indicating missing items.

     - If complete, see the next step.
     - Review fee paid.

3.  Floodplain and Zoning (if applicable)
     - If the application does not meet city Land Development or FEMA Regulations, correction comments will be emailed to the contractor and owner(s).
     - If approved, see the next step.
4.  Building and Fire
    - If the application does not meet the current Florida Building Code or Fire Prevention Code, correction comments will be emailed to the contractor and owner(s).
    - If approved, see the next step.
5.  Email to Contractor and Owner(s) of Approval
     - Total amount due will be provided via email once all reviews are approved and completed.

     - Payment made in person or by phone by contractor or owner(s).
6.  Placard and Plans to be posted ON SITE.
     - Permit documents will be emailed unless the permit package includes large format plans (picked up at the permit desk).

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OPPS (Online Permitting and Planning System)
Once an online account is established there will be a dashboard showing the status for each of the permits applied for.   

To access the online permitting systems click here: OPPS (Online Permitting and Planning System)

Permit Applications and Checklists Misc. Documents
Additions and Renovations (FEMA Compliant Homes) Contractor Authorization Form
Deck, Slab, Patio Permit Application Packet Demolition Ownership Affidavit
Demolition Permit Application Packet Envelope Leakage Test Report (Blower Test)
Docks - Boatlifts Permit Application Packet FEMA Cost Breakdown Worksheet
Dredge & Fill Permit Application Packet Impervious Surface Ratio
Driveway or Pavers Permit Application Packet Non-conversion Agreement
Electrical for Boatlifts Permit Application Packet Owner Builder Affidavit
Fence or Walls Permit Application Packet Residential Swimming Pool Safety Requirements
Garage Door Replacement Permit Application Packet Revision to Permit
Gas, Propane Tank & Piping Permit Application Packet Roof Inspection Affidavit
Hot Water Heater Equal Change Out Permit Application Packet Seawall Elevation Worksheet
Mechanical - HVAC Equal Change Out Permit Application Packet Subcontractor Verification Form
Mechanical - HVAC Non-Equal Change Out Permit Application Packet Tent Application
New Construction - Commercial Permit Application Packet FEMA 50% Improvement Threshold Form
New Irrigation Permit Application Packet  
Parking Lot Paving, Sealing, Striping Permit Application Packet  
Roofing Permit Application Packet  
Seawalls Permit Application Packet  
Sheds and Accessory Structures Permit Application Packet  
Signs Permit Application Packet  
Solar Permit Application Packet  
Swimming Pools and Spas Permit Application Packet  
Tree Removal Permit Application Packet  
Window, Door Replacement or Hurricane Shutters Permit Application Packet  
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