City Government Information

Form of Government

The City of Treasure Island utilizes the same Commission-Manager style government found in most cities in Florida.  The five-member Commission consists of 4 single-member districts plus a mayor elected at-large. Elections are held annually on the first Tuesday in March. Commissioners from districts 1 and 3 are elected in odd-numbered years while Commissioners from districts 2 and 4 are elected in even-numbered years; the mayor is elected every third year at the same time as the other commission races with the next occurrence in 2021.

While the Commission is the governing body and is responsible for making the broad policy and financial decisions of the City, the day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the City Manager. This chief administrative position shall be responsible to the Commission for the administration of all city affairs placed in their charge via the City Charter.

City Ordinances & Charter
The City’s central governing document—the charter—and all subsequent ordinances are readily available online for free 24/7. You can access those documents at the links above and can explore the laws of Pinellas County and of many other cities across the state at the Municode website.

The City of Treasure Island holds its elections every year on the first Tuesday in March. More information such as candidate qualifying can be found on the Municode website or by contacting the City Clerk.

Agendas & Meetings
All of the City’s posted meeting agendas and the minutes from the City’s public meetings can be found here