City Solicitations 

The City of Treasure Island utilizes the services of DemandStar to publish our larger solicitations. All solicitations open for bid as well as recent procurements can be found on the City's custom webpage on DemandStar (external link). This portal allows the City to market bids directly to vendors interested in a particular type of project and has resulted in countless more responses to City solicitations. Additionally, the City of Treasure Island is committed to ensuring that all solicitation documents are available and accessible to the public at-large. However, should you experience any difficulty in accessing any of these solicitation documents, please contact the City's Purchasing Coordinator at mmunger@mytreasureisland.org, call 727-547-4575 x241, or come by City Hall during regular business hours.

RFP 22-027 | Municipal Branding and Marketing
The City of Treasure Island desires to create a City/municipal brand that uniquely identifies with our community. Treasure Island does not have a tag line or branding logo, however, our City seal is commonly used throughout the community as our logo. While we want to keep our City icon, which ties us to a story of how the City got its name, we are seeking to develop a brand to cross-functionally market Treasure Island to drive business, relocation, tourism and general perception. We currently have a fragmented perception and have different groups working in different directions. We seek to work together to create a seamless image that will be embraced by residents, business owners, and visitors alike. The City’s Public Information Officer will serve as the project manager on behalf of the City and will be involved heavily in the implementation and promotion of the brand going forward.

We would like our brand to reflect how people feel and why they love Treasure Island, of which we anecdotally believe is the “small town, old-Florida feel, unique neighborhoods, and our beautiful and award-winning beaches”. We also believe that another reason people are drawn to Treasure Island is the community vibe through the number of events held throughout the year. We want the brand to capture the emotional and intellectual reactions of people have encountered on behalf of Treasure Island. We want the branding and marking initiative to change, refine or improve what people say and think about Treasure Island.

The City of Treasure Island is soliciting consultants to assist the City in preparing a comprehensive branding initiative and a full marketing plan and is in need of a qualified consulting firm with experience in solid market research (both qualitative and quantitative), strategic planning, corporate identity/branding – including logo development and graphic standards, creative, collateral, interactive marketing, promotions and recommendations for implementation and tracking results.
Due Date: May 24th @ 10 AM

Sealed Bids may be delivered or mailed to City of Treasure Island City Hall, 120 108th Ave., Treasure Island, FL 33706 to the attention of the Purchasing Coordinator – Michael Munger; however, the City prefers bid responses to be submitted online via DemandStar. All delivered/mailed bids must typically include: one (1) version with original signature and one (1) additional digital (PDF) version of the original, and must be received at the due date and time. Bidders submitting via DemandStar do not need to submit original hard copies, but must submit all requirements online before the respective closing date.  

Are you interested in bidding on Treasure Island or other local government business?
The USF Muma College of Business hosts a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) sponsored by the federal Small Business Administration. In addition to being a resource to get your enterprise off the ground or to help your business reach the next level, the SBDC has resources available to help small businesses bid on government projects. If you are interested, USF has two SBDC locations in Pinellas County conveniently located to serve your small business.

Purchasing Guidelines and Regulations

In addition to following all federal, state, and county ordinances that pertain to public procurement, the City of Treasure Island has its own procedures unique to our needs and circumstances.  Article VI of the City’s Code of Ordinances sets the general guidelines for procurement activities while the Administrative Policy #26 sets rules within those guidelines to assist City staff in their day-to-day operations. Periodically, the Commission may make amendments to its Code of Ordinances and staff may modify the Administrative Policy under the guidance of the City Manager.

If you have any questions about the City’s processes or any other general Purchasing inquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to City staff via the contact information below:
Email: mmunger@mytreasureisland.org
Phone: 727-547-4575 x241