General Parking Information

**Please note that all of the common questions to City staff are addressed on these Parking pages. Please consult all of the information provided before before reaching out to the City with your inquiry.**

Finding your quiet spot on Treasure Island is easy - there's nearly four miles of beaches. To find your slice of paradise, beach accesses in Treasure Island are marked with our distinctive blue and orange seagull signs. The signs also indicate where there is beach parking, handicapped access, and other amenities.

Parking Rates and Payment
All city-owned parking lots are metered or have pay stations and take credit cards. Effective October 1, 2021 the hourly parking rate is $3.25/hr. weekends and holidays, $3.00/hr. otherwise, except where noted below. You can pay by using a smartphone and the ParkMobile app, or at the meters or pay stations using your credit or debit card. 

Parking Areas

In addition to the interactive map and the annual Resident Parking Pass brochure, the City has also provided a list of our parking areas based on their location within the City.

Sunset Beach Parking
Heron Lot, Bay Shore Drive & 75th Avenue (15 spaces)
Sunset Inn, West Gulf Boulevard & 80th Avenue (6 spaces)
Tern Lot, West Gulf Boulevard & 77th Avenue (55 spaces)
Ring-Billed Gull Lot, West Gulf Blvd. between 82nd and 81st Avenues (43 spaces)
Black Skimmer Lot, West Gulf Blvd. between 80th Terrace and 80th Avenue (16 spaces)
Brown Pelican Lot, West Gulf Boulevard & 88th Avenue (10 spaces)

Mid-Island Parking
99th Avenue end-street (3 spaces)
Sandpiper Lot, Gulf Boulevard & 100th Avenue (16 spaces)
101st Avenue East & West end-street (8 spaces)
102nd Avenue East end-street (6 spaces)
103rd Avenue West end-street (10 spaces)

Downtown Parking
Gulf Front Park Lot, 104th Avenue & Gulf Boulevard (77 spaces)
New City Hall, 10451 Gulf Boulevard (62 spaces)
106th Avenue street parking (11 spaces)
Downtown (Community Center) Lot, 106th Avenue & Park Place (104 spaces) - $2.50/Hr.
City Hall Lot, 108th Avenue (41 spaces, evenings & weekends only)

Sunshine Beach Parking
Ibis Lot, 121st Avenue & Gulf Boulevard (19 spaces)
124th Avenue street parking (17 spaces)
White Egret Lot, 126th Avenue (12 spaces)
127th Ave end-street (6 spaces)
Kingfish Drive (28 spaces)

Paradise Island Parking
Paradise Isle Park, Treasure Lane & Paradise Blvd. (5 spaces)