Red Tide Updates & Information

Click HERE for updates and information on red tide from Pinellas County.
  • In Florida, red tide is caused by a naturally occurring microscopic alga (a plant-like microorganism) called Karenia brevis or K. brevis.
  • K. brevis produces a toxin that can kill fish and cause respiratory problems in humans. People with chronic respiratory problems should avoid red tide areas.
  • Red tide algal blooms can change rapidly, staying in one place for months or just a few days or weeks.
  • All seafood from restaurants and hotels is monitored and is safe to eat.
  • Avoid eating clams and oysters harvested recreationally from red tide waters.
  • Red tide symptoms include coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes.
  • Swimming is safe for most people. Use common sense. If you are particularly susceptible to irritation from plant products, avoid an area with a red tide bloom.