Contractors Begin Road Work on Treasure Island Causeway

Contractors to Begin Road Work on Treasure Island Causeway

The construction contractor for the East Causeway Roadway and Drainage Improvements Project will begin work the week of Nov. 8. There will be lane closures, as needed, to perform site preparation and to begin the installation of the new drainage infrastructure.

The Contractor will be required to maintain an organized work site and safe traffic patterns. The project has been designed in a manner that will minimize the need for long-duration roadway closures. However, there will be certain phases during construction where lane closures will be needed and drivers may experience traffic delays. Residents and visitors will be notified in advance of these occurrences.

This will be an ongoing project through May of 2022. For information and updates as they become available, visit and click on the City Projects tab.  Thank you for your patience during the construction of this exciting project.