LIFT Board Members Appointed By City Commission

At the Aug. 2 City Commission meeting, Commissioners appointed seven members to the Life Intervention Focus Team (LIFT) board. The mission of the newly created, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) LIFT board is to aid and advance the availability of social services for city residents and homeless individuals.

Initial appointees are classed as A, B or C, with 3-, 2-, or 1-year terms to stagger the terms to create consistency. Upon expiration of these initial terms, board members will serve three-year terms. Initial appointees are:

  • Michael Fergang, Class A
  • Carol Braddy, Class A
  • Karen Barnett, Class A
  • Mark Bate, Class B
  • Brad Brisco, Class B
  • Mindy Apfel, Class C
  • Judge Bobbie J. McCartney, Class C

* Fire Chief Trip Barrs and Police Chief John Barkley will function as advisors to the board.

LIFT’s main purpose and goals are to:

  • Relieve the stress of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged.
  • Advance the availability and access to social services.
  • Increase access to emergency or sustainable housing for residents and the homeless in need.
  • Lessen the burdens of the city.
  • Lessen neighborhood tensions.
  • Help educate to eliminate prejudice and discrimination.
  • Defending human and civil rights secured by the law and combating community deterioration.

The organization will be managed by the seven-member Board of Directors and serve as a fundraising body to fund the acquisition of a licensed social worker and potentially procure services to help achieve the mission of the LIFT organization.