Capri Water Tank Rehab

NOTICE: A section of Capri Circle will be closed to install 4 large pre-cast vaults on the north side of the project. Due to the tight nature of this jobsite, the crane and delivery trucks will need to be in the roadway to accomplish this. The road will be closed from 7am to no later than 4pm on Monday, March 16th, Wednesday, March 18th, Tuesday, March 24th and Friday, March 27th. Barricades will be set up in the morning and removed once work is complete for the day. This closure will not block any driveway access to the surrounding residences and traffic will be able to exit at the south entrance to Capri Circle. A message board will be posted advising residents of the closure dates.

What is the Isle of Capri Water Booster Station Improvements Project?

The Isle of Capri Water Booster Station Improvements Project will renovate and upgrade the existing booster station to improve water service reliability, improve water pressure, improve operations and improve fire protection for Pinellas County water customers in Treasure Island and nearby communities. Pumping capacity will be increased to meet projected future demands and critical electrical equipment will be raised above a 17-foot storm surge level. Other improvements include new pumps, motors, valves, piping and electrical components to replace aging equipment and infrastructure. The project will also upgrade the facilityʼs appearance. The river rock on portions of the buildingʼs exterior will be covered with stucco and painted, matching the existing wall color.
Why is the project needed?
The Isle of Capri Water Booster Station is nearly 40 years old. Several of the facilityʼs components are near the end of their useful lives. The facility must be renovated to replace aging infrastructure and continue reliable drinking water service for Pinellas County water customers on the barrier islands.
What is the construction schedule?
Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2019 and is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2021. The County is committed to be the best neighbor possible, and will restrict construction activity, mainly to 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
Will there be activity at night?
It may be necessary to run bypass pumps and generators on occasion to maintain water pressure, water quality and fire protection. If pumps are needed overnight to continue water service, the contractor will take steps to muffle and minimize overnight noise. Bypass pumping will only be used if needed to maintain drinking water pressure and water quality, and is only expected to run for 8-10 hours per day, during peak water usage.
Why are you closing half of Rosselli Park? Can this be avoided?
The north end of Rosselli Park, including the trails around the pump station, must be closed to keep residents a safe distance from construction activity. However, the south end of the park will remain accessible to residents. Half of the parking lot will be used as a staging area for heavy equipment and new materials, so parking will be reduced. Fencing will used to restrict access to the entire construction zone. The project team understands the value that this park brings to the community and is committed to fully restoring the northern portion to equal or better condition before it re-opens in mid-2021.
Will trees at Rosselli Park be affected?
The project team is working closely with the City of Treasure Island and Pinellas County arborists to make thoughtful decisions about staging and construction to minimize impacts to trees in Rosselli Park. It may be necessary to move, and replant if possible, five palm trees on the plant site facing Capri Circle South.
Will there be traffic impacts?
Pinellas County and its contractors are committed to reducing traffic inconveniences while keeping the roads safe for all vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. The road to and from Isle of Capri and around the pump station will see some increased traffic due to construction activities. At times, it may be necessary to temporarily close one lane of 2nd Street East. Lane closures will be intermittent and clearly marked, and flaggers will direct traffic.
How much does this project cost?
The design budget for the Isle of Capri Water Booster Station Improvements Project isapproximately $450,000. Construction will cost approximately $6 million.
Who is doing the work?
Pinellas County selected McKim & Creed through a competitive process to design the pump station improvements and perform inspection services during construction. The County selected Wharton Smith to build the improvements.
How will you keep the community informed?
Residents can stay informed about the project by periodically checking the project bulletin board located on site. Any schedule updates will be posted there. Additionally, Pinellas County and Treasure Island will post occasional updates on social media: