Can I bring my dog to Treasure Island beaches?

Receiving numerous complaints via email and see-click-fix of dogs on the beach, Treasure Island Police has increased patrols on the beach and have added patrols to the times of the day when the dogs have been reported on the beach.
• Officers have increased patrols in the morning and sunset hours in the areas of Sunset Beach and beach areas north of 108th Avenue.
• First time offenders are being warned. Subsequent violations are being handled with an ordinance violation.
• Residents are being encouraged to call when they see a violation, not just make a note of it for a later time.
Some people are actually unaware of the "no dogs on the beach" ordinance. There is quite a bit of “I saw someone else with dogs on the beach so I thought it was ok” when they are confronted by TIPD officers. It is also important to note that there are some dogs that are legitimate ADA service animals that accompany people to the beach. Their dogs are NOT REQUIRED to wear a vest or have a special harness that identifies them as a service animal. EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS are not service animals and are not allowed on the beach. All service animals must be leashed or harnessed and can never run free.