Make Pinellas Count - The 2020 Census

This March, Pinellas County residents will be invited to take the 2020 Census online. The census count will shape our state’s political representation in Congress and determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in program funding are distributed over the next 10 years.


An undercount could cost our local community millions of federal dollars each year for health care, education, highways and more.


Let’s make sure our community gets its fair share - Help us #MakePinellasCount


Census Quick Facts

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Secure, confidential and protected by law


money graphic $44 billion in Florida program funds guided by census data
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Quick and easy (take it online!)

Local programs funded based on the census count include: Head Start early childhood education, school lunch programs, Medicaid, children’s health insurance, public transit and federal highway projects, fire department grants and other public safety funds, WIC, SNAP and other assistance programs, and much more!


What’s on the census?

  • Number of people at your address, including children, babies & roommates
  • Names, ages, sex & race/ethnicity of people in your home
  • Do you own or rent your home?


aThe census also asks for names of people in the home and a telephone number for the head of household, but this information is only used for official Census Bureau business. All your personal information is completely confidential and protected by law.


The Census Bureau will NOT ask for your Social Security number or citizenship status.

What to expect

You will be invited by mail to take the census online in March, but you can also fill out a paper form or call the Census Bureau. Households that do not respond by May will get an in-person visit by census takers.


Learn how you’ll take the online census in this video.

See the Census Bureau’s FAQ page.