Parking Rules & Regulations

**Please note that all of the common questions to City staff are addressed on these Parking pages. Please consult all of the information provided before before reaching out to the City with your inquiry.**

Parking Rules & Regulations

Treasure Island is a largely built-out barrier island community, meaning that parking is at a premium within the city. While we strive to provide as much access to our beaches and amenities as possible, we must balance that with other needs such as public safety. Therefore, the City has some local rules and regulations that must be followed by parkers throughout the city. The most pertinent rules are described below but this is not meant to be a complete list. The parking regulations that are not addressed by state statute are governed by local ordinance. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, you may contact us using any of the methods below:
Phone:  727-547-4575, extension 241
Text:  727-212-1347

City of Treasure Island Public Lots and Private Parking Lots
The City of Treasure Island has no jurisdiction for the fees and fines charged in any non-City, or private parking lot. Consulting the information provided on the City's website and looking for City of Treasure Island signage are the best methods to ensure you are using City parking. City staff cannot answer any questions related to parking operations at any of these private lots. For more information about these lots please contact the private parking operator at (727) 233-3738. 

Overnight Parking
Many resorts and hotels in the City limit parking to one car on-site. While the City's lots are open 24/7, because they are designed for day-use for our beach visitors, there is no special extended or overnight rate for parking. Visitors are allowed to park in any of the City's lots while paying the posted hourly parking rate. 

Visitors Enjoying the Beach
For the health and safety of our residents, the City asks beach visitors not to park on any neighborhood street. Treasure Island has dozens of parking areas up and down our beach that provide hundreds of parking spots for public use. Our residents thank you for your cooperation. 
Additionally, the City and the residents ask that visitors be made aware of and closely follow the City's "Leave No Trace" Ordinance. Any personal property left on the beach after 9 pm each day shall be deemed as discarded property and will be disposed of immediately. 

Parking Tickets
If you have received a parking ticket in Treasure Island, please read the citation carefully to determine who issued it. City parking tickets will read “CITY OF TREASURE ISLAND” at the top while tickets issued in private lots may list a private company. The City cannot provide any assistance for citations issued in private parking areas.

For more information about City of Treasure Island parking citations, please go to the Police Department’s page

Disabled Parking
Florida Statute 316.1964 prohibits the collection of parking fees for disabled parking in most public (e.g. city-owned) parking areas. There are a few criteria that must be met to avoid paying.

  • Your vehicle must be transporting the person who has a disability and to whom the disabled parking permit or license plate was issued
  • Your vehicle must display a valid (not expired) disabled placard or license plate
  • You must park in City-operated parking areas; NOT a private lot
  • You still must follow all other state and local parking regulations

Parking of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Trailers in City Lots
While the City embraces its status as a sought-after travel destination, we are unable to accommodate the parking of any recreational vehicles, boat trailers, or travel trailers in any of our public parking lots or on public rights of way—Ord. Sec. 50-102(c) and Ord. Sec. 50-6. Travelers or visitors to Treasure Island with an RV, boat trailer, or travel trailer are strongly encouraged to plan accordingly to make alternate arrangements.