Applications and Forms

Please read this helpful information before applying for your online permit:
  • To Apply use the Online Permitting and Planning System (OPPS-TI):      Online Permitting and Planning System    
          You will need to create a user account prior to using this system.
  • Condo’s are considered Commercial (non-residential).
  • Please be sure to select the appropriate permit type and work class. The system does not allow us to change this and will require a new submittal.
  • Proof of ownership: see the Pinellas County Property Appraisers website.  Proof of property ownership is the cover sheet from the for the address with the owner’s name listed on it.  If a corporation, you will need to provide information that the person signing the application is the owner.
  • Documents should be uploaded as PDF
  • The owner field is for the Homeowner's information.  Make sure to supply their email address.
  • When entering the address leave off any street types or suffixes.
    Example: 120 108th Ave should be searched by entering 120 108.
    If it is a condo, it would be entered the same and need to search for the matching parcel number from the list the search creates.
  • Unless submitting an application for new residential or commercial construction; the MORE INFO tab only requires acknowledgment of the requirement of the NOC. 
  • Find the parcel number at under search by address.
    The parcel number will look like this: 23-31-15-91836-008-0030
    When you search it through our local search it will need to have the first and third numbers flipped and be entered with no dashes.
    Like this: 153123918360080030

Permit Application Process:
1.  Use the Online Permitting and Planning System to submit 
2.  Application Received

3.  Completeness Review
     - If complete, you will be notified that your application is complete.
     - Incomplete applications will not be processed.  An email will be sent to contractor and owner(s) indicating missing items.
    **NOTE**  Digital plans which are signed and sealed must be consistent with 61G15-23 FAC.
     - When notified of completeness see next step.
     - Review fee paid.

4.  Floodplain and Zoning (if applicable)
     - If application does not meet city Land Development or FEMA Regulations, correction comments will be emailed to contractor and owner(s).
     - If approved, see next step.
5.  Building and Fire
    - If application does not meet current Florida Building Code or Fire Prevention Code, correction comments will be emailed to contractor and owner(s).
    - If approved, see next step.
6. Corrections
    - If corrections are required the contractor will be notified by email. 
    - A Permit Revision form is required with any revision submittal.
7.  Email to Contractor and Owner(s) of Approval
     - Total amount due will be provided via email once all reviews are approved and completed.

     - Payment made Online at, in person, or by phone by contractor or owner(s).
8.  Placard and Plans must be posted ON SITE.
     - Permit documents will be available online at or emailed unless permit package includes large format plans (picked up at the permit desk).


Please be advised the FY 2023 Fee Schedule has been adopted by the City Commission:
You may view Article 1: Community Development by following this link CDD FEE SCHEDULE  
You may view the complete Fiscal Year 2023 Fee Schedule HERE

Applications and Forms
Permit Applications and Checklists Misc. Documents
Additions and Renovations Residential Application Packet Contractor Authorization Form
Additions and Renovations Commercial, Businesses, and Condominiums Application Packet Demolition Ownership Affidavit
Deck, Slab, Patio Permit Application Packet
 FEMA Cost Breakdown Worksheet
Demolition Permit Application Packet Envelope Leakage Test Report (Blower Test)
Docks, Floating Docks, Boatlifts Permit Application Packet PILING REPLACEMENT SELF-CERTIFICATION APPLICATION
Dredge & Fill Permit Application Packet Impervious Surface Ratio and Lot Coverage Worksheet
Driveway or Pavers Permit Application Packet Non-conversion Agreement
Electrical Permit Application Packet Includes Boatlifts Owner Builder Affidavit
Fence or Walls Permit Application Packet Residential Swimming Pool Safety Requirements
Garage Door Replacement Permit Application Packet Revision to Permit
Gas, Propane Tank & Piping Permit Application Packet Roof Inspection Affidavit
Hot Water Heater Equal Change Out Permit Application Packet Seawall Elevation Worksheet
Irrigation Permit Application Packet FEMA 50 Percent Improvement Threshold Form
Mechanical - HVAC Equal Change Out Permit Application Packet Subcontractor Verification Form
Mechanical - HVAC Non-Equal Change Out Permit Application Packet Tent Application
New Construction Commercial Permit Application Packet Extension Request Form 
New Construction Residential Permit Application Packet Extension Request Form UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER
New Irrigation Permit Application Packet  
Parking Lot Paving, Sealing, Striping Permit Application Packet Virtual Inspections for HVAC - handout
Roofing Permit Application Packet  
Seawalls Permit Application Packet  
Sheds and Accessory Structures Permit Application Packet  
Signs Permit Application Packet  
Solar Permit Application Packet  
Swimming Pools and Spas Permit Application Packet  
Tree Removal Permit Application Packet  
Window, Door Replacement or Hurricane Shutters Permit Application Packet

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