Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Land Development Regulations and provides staff support to the Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) and the Local Planning Agency (LPA).  The Planning and Zoning division handles both current and long range planning for the City of Treasure Island.  Responsibilities include zoning review of Construction plans.

  • Administration of the Future Land Use and Zoning Maps
  • Fielding Zoning questions and processing Zoning Verification letters
  • Processing zoning applications and administration of the Planning and Zoning Board for variances, vacations, plats, redevelopments, and site plans.
  • Processing and evaluating Tree Removal and Zoning Permits including Signs, Alcohol, Sidewalk Cafes, Mobile Food Trucks, Pushcarts, Doggie Dining, Fences, Driveways, Docks and Seawalls
Links to Ordinances Not Yet Codified
Please note that the City has amendments to Chapter 8 Building, Chapter 66 Floodplain Management, Chapter 72 regarding Coastal Lighting and Chapter 73 Signs which are not reflected at the links below.  Please see this link for a copy of all Not Yet Codified Ordinances or choose the Home icon in Municode: | Code of Ordinances | Treasure Island, FL | Municode Library

Links to the Land Development Regulations
Helpful sections in Chapter 68 for determining allowable uses, density and setbacks:  
     ARTICLE I. - IN GENERAL, Sec. 68-2. – Definitions.
     ARTICLE VII. - SUPPLEMENTARY LOT AND USE REGULATIONS, Sec. 68-431. - Schedule of lot and bulk regulations and Sec. 68-486. - Off-street parking.
     ARTICLE VIII. - BUILDING SETBACK LINES, Sec. 68-541. - Setback classifications. And Sec. 68-561. - Alternate setback system procedures.
Other helpful links: 
     Sec. 68-458. - Garden walls, fences and hedges.
     Sec. 68-483. - Swimming pools.
     Sec. 68-486. - Off-street parking.

Please see the link on the left to the Zoning and Future Land Use map
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For questions on zoning please email:  Please make sure to include the address or parcel identification number so that we can answer your questions accurately.

Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations:     Assistant Director Kathryn Younkin  727-547-4575 x 231

Planning and Zoning Board and Local Planning Agency:      City Planner Jamie Viveiros   727-547-4575 x 233    

In 2021 the City is embarking on a two year project to update our Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.  Once detailed information and meeting schedules are set, that information will be available at the City Projects link on the left side of this page.

Development Review Committee - Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium
The Development Review Committee (DRC) is an administrative and technical committee which reviews policy and technical issues raised by development and redevelopment projects within the City.  The DRC reviews all proposed new structures, remodels and additions on commercial, multifamily and single-family projects.  

The DRC is a staff level preliminary plan review.   This process of reviewing site and building plans prior to submittal is conducted in order to expedite permitting and plan approvals.    The DRC meeting also serves as the required pre-application meeting for Planning and Zoning Board site plan, special exception and variance cases.

This is an informal meeting serving several purposes and will focus on the following items:
     To inform the city of any site plans in progress together with the scale and character of the plan so that the city may recognize the proposed development in any of its physical or facility planning for the entire city;
     To inform the applicant of the city's informal response as to the scale and character of the proposed development and to alert the applicant to all applicable ordinances and regulations as well as any specific areas of concern that the city may have for that specific site or proposed plan;
     To clarify and inform both the applicant and the city with respect to the site plan review procedure;
     To clarify and inform both the applicant and the City on the applicability of the “FEMA 50% rule” as it pertains to remodel-type projects and that have construction costs that meet 35% - 50% of the valuation of the structure.

Submit a digital set of plans with scale by close of business one week before the scheduled DRC meeting.  These do not need to be signed and sealed construction documents, as a permit set is not required at this meeting. 
      Site Plan or survey showing existing structures
      Site Plan with site dimensions, new structure location, setbacks, parking areas
      Floor Plans w overall dimensions
      Building Elevations with heights, showing base flood elevation

For more DRC information, to schedule an appointment, and to submit plans, please contact Kathryn Younkin, Assistant Director, Community Development Department, at (727) 547-4575 x 231 or by email at
Review of projects and comments on development proposals by the DRC shall not be construed to be an approval of any project presented to the Committee.