What is Vision 2042

What is Vision 2042?

Vision 2042 is the process leading to the adoption of an updated Comprehensive Plan.
Visioning is a look to the future, with a focus on a 20-year perspective, and is the first step in involving the staff, the public, and our appointed and elected leaders in creating the inspiration to create the policies in the Comprehensive Plan.

What is a Comprehensive Plan? A comprehensive plan is an adopted policy document that establishes principles and strategies to ensure orderly and balanced economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of a city.

Why is the city doing this update? The city typically reviews and updates the Comprehensive Plan every 7-10 years to reflect changes in state statutes, growth, conditions, or policy direction. The plan has not been fully updated since 1999 and needs updates to reflect current changes and future vision.

What is the timeline for Vision 2042? Vision 2042 is scheduled to finish in December 2022/January 2023 when the Comprehensive Plan is adopted by the City Commission after review by the appropriate state agencies.

How can I participate? Please visit this page to stay up to date with upcoming community engagement dates. The purpose of the city’s engagement efforts is to collect useful feedback from real people to support city priorities and discussions and to keep you informed and engaged on projects that are important to you.

Is it worth my time? We know you have ideas and opinions, and we are committed to learning from them and incorporating them into our planning and decision-making. The more people who are informed, considering options, pondering trade-offs, and thinking about opportunities, the better our decisions will be.

Who is working on updating the Comprehensive Plan? City staff is leading the project with assistance from consultants from the Corradino Group.

Why are we updating the Comprehensive Plan? The state requires that cities prepare, adopt, and amend comprehensive plans and implement them with appropriate land development regulations. Plans are typically reviewed and updated every 7-10 years to reflect changes in growth, conditions, or policy direction. The city adopted the first Comprehensive Plan in 1977. The most recent major revision to the city’s Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1999. Treasure Island has made it a priority to update this important policy document and chart the course of the city through 2042.

How will the Comprehensive Plan be updated? Our Comprehensive Plan update project, Vision 2042, is a 2-year planning process, with the first reading by City Commission and transmittal to the relevant state agencies for review in August 2022. Opportunities to attend in-person and virtual conversations and public hearings, as well as participate in online forums, and provide commentary on draft documents will be available during various stages of the planning process. 

Following the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, the city will embark on changes to the Land Development Regulations, which implement the policies. 

We invite you to explore this project website for more information and engage in various ways to help shape the future of our city.