What is Code Enforcement & What We Do


The Enforcement Division's responsibility addresses such items as inoperative cars and trucks, trash and debris, high grass and weeds, commercial and recreational vehicles in residential areas, minimum housing standards and the zoning code, including sign regulations. If you should report a code violation, your complaint will be assigned a number and an officer will visit the property in question.

The easiest way to report a violation is to use the SeeClickFix application accessed from the City's Home Page.   Please note that per State Statutes we are not allowed to accept anonymous reports.

If the investigation verifies that a violation does exist an enforcement case will be opened, you will be able to track the case progress  through SeeClickFix or our online OPPS system.

Rules for Displaying Temporary Signs

           Signs shall not be located on publicly-owned land or easements or inside street rights-of-way.
           Temporary signs on private property may be displayed NO LONGER than 60 days.
           Common examples of temporary signs include, but are not limited to, grand opening, garage sale, real estate, open house, and 
               election signs.
           Non-compliant signs will be collected by the City and can be retrieved at City Hall for a fee.