Land Development Regulations and Zoning

Zoning and Future Land Use Map

Please see the link on this page to the Zoning and Future Land Use map.  Once in the map you can type an address into the search bar.  Once the property is selected you can click within the property for links to the zoning, lot and bulk and setback regulations for that parcel.  The information viewed can be changed using the Layer List icon near the address bar at the top right side of the page, including the information on flood zones. There is also a Legend that which you can view next to the Layer List icon. 

Links to Ordinances Not Yet Codified in Municode
Please note that the City may have amendments which are not reflected at the links below.  Please see this link for a copy of all Not Yet Codified Ordinances or choose the Home icon in Municode: | Code of Ordinances | Treasure Island, FL | Municode Library

Link to Municode
Code of Ordinances | Treasure Island, FL | Municode Library

Links to the Land Development Regulations in Municode

Helpful sections in Chapter 68 for determining allowable uses, density and setbacks:  
     ARTICLE I. - IN GENERAL, Sec. 68-2. – Definitions.
     ARTICLE VII. - SUPPLEMENTARY LOT AND USE REGULATIONS, Sec. 68-431. - Schedule of lot and bulk regulations and Sec. 68-486. - Off-street parking.
     ARTICLE VIII. - BUILDING SETBACK LINES, Sec. 68-541. - Setback classifications. and Sec. 68-561. - Alternate setback system procedures.
Other helpful Chapter 68 links: 
     Sec. 68-458. - Garden walls, fences and hedges.
     Sec. 68-483. - Swimming pools.
     Sec. 68-486. - Off-street parking.

Docks and Seawalls and Commercial Fishing:

For questions on zoning please email:   
Please make sure to include the address or parcel identification number so that we can answer your questions accurately.