TIFR - Community Services

Community Services

The City's Fire/EMS Department is dedicated to programs, policies, and initiatives that reduce the community’s risk and avoid accidents and incidents. These services are a proactive step to reduce the number of calls for service while remaining poised to answer the call when needed. On this page is some information about those programs and how you can take advantage of them to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Car Seat Installation
Did you know that almost half of all child car seats are installed incorrectly? Luckily, there is little need to worry with the City’s Car Seat Installation program. Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers are invited to call the Treasure Island Fire Department (727-547-4590) to schedule a time for an installation or check-up of your car seats.

Community CPR Training
According to the American Heart Association over 70% of cardiac arrests occur in the home, and during a heart attack urgent and rapid intervention is critical for survival. While doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other first responders are vital during cardiac arrests, average citizens too can also be life-savers. Training in Hands-Only CPR allows anyone to learn the most basic information about how to help intervene in a life-threatening heart attack situation. The City offers regularly-scheduled classes and is eager to teach any and all who want to learn how they can be a hero-in-waiting.

Sleep Baby Safely
Treasure Island Fire Rescue is pleased to announce the partnership with the Sleep Baby Safely Campaign. This program will help to spread the importance of keeping babies on their backs while they are sleeping. It is also important to keep them in their own cribs while they sleep. For more information, please go to the Sleep Baby Safely website  for more information.

Presentations & Outreach
Treasure Island Fire Rescue staff is available for community presentations, civic events, and even station tours. Our first-responders are enthusiastic about presenting vital information to groups on engaged residents and excited to show the tools, techniques, and equipment used to keep the community safe. To inquire about availability, please call the department’s administration phone number 727-547-4590.