Alert*ti Sign-up

MAIN NUMBER & HELP DESK 727-547-4575 ext. 247

When you have an emergency, you call 911. When we know of an emergency, 911 wants to be able to call you. SIGN UP FOR ALERT*TI HERE.

Alert*ti is a service for Treasure Island residents that gives public safety officials multiple ways to get the word to you whenever an emergency situation arises. Each member of your household who would like to receive emergency notifications can register with our free service. They will then receive emergency notifications by home phone, cell phone, text message, or email.

Subscribers will receive a notification on each contact they provide to us. An automated system will call land lines and cell phones at the same time an e-mail and text message will go out, so you could receive four notifications, but we would rather you know than not know. The Alert*ti network will allow the city to send out alerts to Treasure Island as a whole, and to specific smaller geographic areas.

    • Who can enroll? Anyone that desires to receive these alerts and announcements can enroll.
    • How do I enroll? Those interested in enrolling can click on the Alert*ti Registration link above which will direct you to the enrollment page. You can also sign up in person at City Hall. Please do not telephone city hall to register.
    • When will it be used? The system will be used to notify residents about imminent threats to health and safety. Public safety officials will send alerts about emergencies, for example: severe weather, water outages, traffic issues and critical police activity.
    • Will I still get notifications if I don’t sign up? If you don’t sign up, you will only receive emergency notifications on your traditional land line home phone but nowhere else, and only if we send out an city-wide notification and not a targeted notification, which may exclude your neighborhood. If you have an unlisted phone number you will not receive notices without enrolling.
    • Can I opt out? Yes. If you know your user name and password, you may log in on the sign up page and opt out at any time. If you do not know your user name and password, e-mail the phone numbers and e-mail addresses you would like deleted from the system to
    • What if my phone number or address changes? If your cell phone, work phone or email address changes, you must go to your profile and update the information. The one exception is traditional landlines. If a traditional landline changes to another landline number, that information will be automatically updated.
    • What notification options are available? Alerts and announcements can be sent to your cell phone, work phone, home phone, text message and email. You can choose to receive alerts/announcements just one way or a combination of different ways. You choose!
    • Will my contact information be shared with others? No. The information that you provide will be used for emergency and city announcements. We will not distribute your telephone numbers or email addresses to any vendor or other organization. Because the information you provide is secured on the First Call servers, it is not subject to public records requests, either.
    • Is there a fee to participate? No. This program is free.
    • Are there more questions like this? No.