Bicycle Registration

NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: (727) 547-4595


Walk-in Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm and at select city events
Online: Always Available - Please use Bicycle Registration Form below

Free Service

*If your bicycle was recently stolen, please contact our Police Non-Emergency Number 727-547-4595 so that an incident report can be taken by an officer.


Please see the following information regarding bicycle registrations.  If you have any questions or would like to register your bicycle with the City of Treasure Island, please call our police administration number at 727-547-4592.  

  • This service is designed to register your bicycle with the Treasure Island Police Department. This is for those bicycles currently in your possession. Only Treasure Island residents may register their bicycles with the Treasure Island Police Department.
  • You must provide proof of residency in order to register your bicycle.  A Florida Driver License with your Treasure Island address is an acceptable form of proof of residency.  If you do not have a Florida Driver License with a Treasure Island address, other acceptable documents can include: a rental agreement, utilities bill, electricity bill, etc. Please contact us at our police administration number if you have any questions about this requirement.
  • You must register each bicycle individually.
  • Only one (1) owner may be registered for each bicycle.


If you choose to use the online Bicycle Registration Form below, the following steps will be taken by TIPD:

  1. After receipt of Bicycle Registration information, TIPD staff will fill out a bicycle registration slip with the information submitted.
  2. Staff will send the following documents via mail to the Treasure Island address entered into the registration form:
  • Original Bicycle Registration slip
  • Bicycle Registration sticker to place on a secure area of the bicycle


Please fill out this form in its entirety.  If you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact our administration line at 727-547-4592.

Bicycle Owner Information
First Name of Owner:

Last Name of Owner:

Registration Address:
(Must be within Treasure Island city limits)


Driver License Number:

Driver License State (2-character abbreviation):

Add Attachments using the button below showing Proof of Treasure Island Residency:
Please attach documents such as a rental agreement, utilities bill, electricity bill, etc.

(Only use this if you do not have a Florida Driver License with a Treasure Island address)

Bicycle Information
Bicycle Make:

Bicycle Model:

Bicycle Serial Number:                                                     
(see the below diagram for common serial number locations)  

Bicycle Serial Number Locations

Bicycle Frame Type:

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Bicycle Wheel Size:
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Bicycle Brakes:
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Bicycle Color(s):