Copy_of_TIPD_Shoulder_PatchTreasure Island Police Department, 180 108th Avenue, Treasure Island, FL 33706

NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: (727) 547-4595 

FAX: 727-545-6430

John F. Barkley, Police Chief


Treasure Island Chief of Police John Barkley
Treasure Island Fire Rescue Chief William “Trip” Barrs

The Treasure Island community, like so many others, is facing an extraordinary challenge. The Treasure Island Police and Fire Rescue Departments are committed to preserving public safety, and right now, promoting public health is a primary goal of the departments.

To protect the workforce and ensure that they can respond for emergency calls, Treasure Island Fire Rescue (TIFR) is temporarily stopping all non-essential activities. This includes most life safety inspections, CPR classes, child seat and smoke detector installations.

TIFR Chief Trip Barrs respectfully asks that the public not engage with Treasure Island firefighters/EMTs, unless you have an emergency need, in order to comply with the CDC recommended social distancing guidelines that will help prevent the spread of COVID19.

The Treasure Island Police and Fire Departments are in regular contact with the Pinellas County Emergency Management staff and the city’s Emergency Medical Services partners throughout the county. They request your understanding when staff arrives wearing full protective equipment and conducts their initial assessment from 6 feet away. This is part of the county-wide approach to maximize the use of our available personal protective equipment and keep our staff healthy and able to serve our citizens.

In adherence with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the Treasure Island Police Department (TIPD) is working to reduce the spread of COVID19 through social distancing while still maintaining a high level of service to Treasure Island. TIPD Chief John Barkley reminds residents that, when and where possible, officers may conduct reports and follow-ups for non-emergency calls by phone.

When officers do respond in-person, they may ask the caller to step outside to talk and/or utilize additional personal protective equipment, such as gloves or a mask, if necessary.

Treasure Island Police and Fire Departments will always respond to emergency calls for service.


Please be aware that until further notice if you call the police department and an officer comes to your location to file a report, the responding officer will ask you to step outside while they are taking your information. This measure is necessary to minimize human contact in enclosed locations for the health of our officers and residents. Officers may also respond by contacting you by telephone to obtain the information necessary to complete the report. This does not pertain to emergency situations.

All fingerprinting services will be suspended at this time until further notice.


The Treasure Island Police Department was established in 1955 to provide professional law enforcement services to a rapidly growing community.  From our earliest days in operation and by creating attainable goals, the men and women of the Treasure Island Police Department have been committed to making Treasure Island one of the safest communities in the state of Florida.  To reach those goals, we identified our core values of trust, integrity, professionalism and dedication, and we developed an effective mission statement to guide our members, keeping us focused on what is important.  In furtherance of our continued goals, our department adopted a community policing philosophy during the late 1980’s.  By embodying the core principles of community policing, we have involved community stakeholders in creating solutions to the issues facing our community.  Our success was not built solely by our own hands, but rather, is the result of working together with our businesses and residents.

Today, we continue our proud tradition of providing professional law enforcement services through a community policing approach.  We adhere to our core values without exception, and our mission statement remains the fundamental driving force as we deliver effective and efficient services to a diverse community.  By maintaining a modern and up-to-date operations manual and continued goals to meet Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation standards, the Treasure Island Police Department is set to continue its tradition of maintaining the quintessential beach lifestyle our residents and visitors have come to know.

rust • Integrity • Professionalism • Dedication

We, the members of the Treasure Island Police Department, are committed to providing our community with a professional police organization sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, enforce the laws of our land, and in partnership with those we serve, promote the highest of standards in service, trust and expectations.


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