City Center Construction

City Center Construction

City Center rendering showing the exterior main entrance facing east

Construction Progress Update
Construction is underway. Demolition of the interior areas has been completed and electrical and plumbing work is underway. Site work has begun for the installation of new eastern entrance.

Project Description
A new City Hall is being constructed in downtown Treasure Island! The City purchased the property located at 10451 Gulf Boulevard to serve as the new City Center and a construction contract was awarded to New Vista Builder's Group in April 2021. The contractor began demolition the week of July 19th with the goal to celebrate a grand opening in May 2022. The renovated building will house the City Commission chambers, City Hall departments, Public Works Administration and include rentable recreation spaces for the community. The facility will serve as a central hub of the City by providing public space that is assessable, functional and to serve a source of pride.

In addition to creating an efficient work environment, the goal of the proposed renovation is to create a space that is frequented by the community. This design incorporates a new entrance from TI Park that highlights the City’s seal with a promenade space and a wide staircase with a landing for event use. Upon entering through the new entrance onto the second floor, there will be clear wayfinding to escort visitors into the new customer service lobby. Here folks can use a public computer or sit in a comfortable chair and access wi-fi. Customer service representatives will be available to answer questions or to call upon another staff members to assist.

Beyond the lobby is the Commission Chamber that overlooks the beach and the Community Development Department is to the other site of the lobby. The next floor up is the staff working floor, with a primarily open floorplan, designed to keep staff located in close proximity for efficiency and collaboration. The workspaces have been designed with flexibility, keeping in mind the potential needs of the future workforce.

The fifth floor is designed to serve as the community’s space and boasts a beautiful view of the Gulf, the downtown corridor and Treasure Island Park. Here, multiple sized rooms are available allowing for simultaneous classes or meeting spaces for community groups and activities. These multi-use spaces will allow for a significant expansion upon the programs available to our residents and adequately aligns our recreational capacity with our neighboring municipalities. This floor is also home to one larger premiere event space with a catering kitchen, making it an attractive venue for a variety of functions. Designed to promote community, the fifth floor further engages residents with the new City Center.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contract the Public Works Department at 727-547-4575 ext. 250.

Updated 13 October 2021