East Treasure Island Causeway Roadway & Drainage Improvements Project

The East Causeway is in need of roadway reconstruction and drainage improvements. The City was awarded a State appropriation in the amount of $1.2M and a water quality grant from the Southwest Water Management District in the amount of $275,250. A construction contract was awarded to Keystone Excavators, Inc. in June 2021 in the amount of $2,396,700 for the project. 

The Contractor will be required to maintain an organized work site and safe traffic patterns. The project has been designed in a manner that will minimize the need to for long-duration roadway closures. However, there will be certain phases during construction where lane closures will be needed. Residents and visitors will be notified in advance of these occurrences through updates to this webpage and the City's social media accounts. Materials have been more difficult to procure at this time, as such, to minimize the disturbance to motorists and residents, the contractor will not be mobilizing on site early October with an anticipated completion date in April 2022. The lighting changeout and the median re-landscaping will occur thereafter.

The contractor anticipates beginning site preparation the week of October 25th. The exact date is pending the delivery of materials. East bound lane closures are expected to begin towards the end of the month. This project page will continue to be updated as the project progresses. Please contact Public Works with any questions at 727-547-4575 ext. 250. 

Stormwater Improvements
Stormwater improvements will focus on increased collection efficiency while improving the quality of water that is discharged to Boca Ciega Bay. Gently sloped depressional areas, called bioswales, will be constructed along the outer edges of the roadway to allow rainwater to flow off the driving surface.  Low Impact Development (LID) design techniques were utilized so that the “first flush” is retained within the bioswales. The “first flush” is a small volume of water collected during the beginning of a storm that typically contains a high concentration of pollutants and debris. While this small volume of water will be retained within the bioswales and allowed to infiltrate over a 72-hour period, any remaining stormwater will flow to Boca Ciega Bay through existing and newly constructed pipes.

Pedestrian Improvements
Pedestrian improvements will be focused at the intersection of 79th Street. Here, curb ramps with detectable warning surfaces will be installed at each corner of the intersection to comply with current accessibility standards. The current crosswalk locations will be re-striped and rapid flashing beacons will be installed at the intersection prior to the east bridge. This eastern pedestrian crossing will also be improved to current standards. 

In effort to beautify the corridor and to assist with nutrient uptake from collected stormwater, Florida-friendly landscaping will be provided within the bioswales. Upon completion of the roadway and drainage improvements, the median will be re-landscaped and the lighting will be changed out to provide decorative poles as seen on the western side of the Causeway. The new poles will be energized by an underground feed that eliminates the need for aboveground wires. The landscaping plan for the median is currently under development. The landscaping plan has been finalized and was approved by the City Commission on March 16, 2021. Landscaping details are available here.

Updated: 19 October 2021