Public Works Department

MAIN NUMBER & HELP DESK 727-547-4575 ext. 250
The Treasure Island Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the following City assets and programs:

  • Fleet: all City vehicles and equipment including lawnmowers, generators, tractors and more
  • Beach/Waterways: cleaning, raking, beach trail and dune walkover maintenance, buoys and waterway markers
  • Streets: signs, pavement, markings, curbs and sidewalks
  • Wastewater and Stormwater Systems including the City's 12 pump stations
  • Sanitation: collection of all City waste and yard debris as well as the management of residential recycling contracts
  • Grounds: beautification of the public right-of ways and properties
  • Bascule Bridge: 24/7 opertation of the Treasure Island Causeway moveable bridge
  • Facilities: all City buildings and facilities
Streetlights are owned and maintained by Duke Energy
The streetlighting system in Treasure Island belongs to and is the responsibility of the local power company, Duke Energy, to maintain. Occasionally, the Public Works Department receives requests from citizens to respond to street light issues. While we don’t mind helping in this issue, it is more expedient and efficient for the citizen who has discovered the out of service streetlight to report it themselves.

How to report a streetlight that is out of service:

light pole with numberThis is a photograph of a power pole number tag. They are typically located 7 to 8 feet above the grade level on the pole facing the street side. In this case the pole number is clearly shown as 172231. If the street light is out of service on this pole, simply write down the pole number and the closest address where the pole is located. Pass this information on to Duke Energy through their website at the following link:
They will provide this number and location to the street light crew that repairs the lights. Soon thereafter, this light should be returned to service.

Drinking water and reclaimed water systems are owned and maintained by Pinellas County.
watermaintenance - Copy
Information and contacts for these services is available here