Public Works Projects

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FY 2019 Sewer Smoke Testing
Between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on March 25th through April 5, 2019. The smoke test should only affect the house for approximately 15 minutes during this time period. For additional Information, please contact USSI at 1-888-645-9570
Treasure Island will be smoke testing the sanitary sewer lines. This test involves forcing smoke into the sanitary sewer lines to check for leaks, breaks and defects in the system. The smoke is odorless, creates no fire hazard, and should not enter homes or businesses unless you have defective plumbing or dried-up sink traps or floor drains. This test is part of our continuing effort to provide a safe, economical, efficient and environmentally sound sewer system throughout Treasure Island. The smoke testing procedure has been recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as an effective means of identifying problem areas in the sewer system. Eliminating system defects and illegal connections will help the County remain in compliance with new federal legislation regarding sewer systems maintenance and sanitary sewer overflows.
The smoke used for this test is manufactured for this purpose.  The smoke leaves no residuals or stains and has no effect on plants and animals. Direct contact with the smoke may cause minor respiratory irritation in some people. Occupants that suffer from a heart condition, asthma, emphysema, or some other respiratory condition that are planning to stay in the building during testing should notify USSI at (888) 645-9570. If you know of anyone in the area who is a special needs person or who may suffer a heart, lung, or breathing problem or a shift worker, please notify USSI at the number on the front of this card prior to testing.

Some sewer lines and manholes are located along backyard or side yard easements. When ever these lines require investigation, members of the inspection crew may need to enter the property to access the sewer lines and manholes.  Crews will be in uniform for easy recognition.  Homeowners do not need to be present; workers will not enter homes or disturb properties.

Prior to testing, please pour 2 gallons of water in the seldom-used sinks or floor drains to prevent sewer gases, smoke or odors from entering the premises. If smoke does enter the home during testing, immediately leave from the building, notify the crews that are conducting the test or call Treasure Island Customer Service.  If smoke enters the home, it is an indication of a plumbing defect, notify a plumber. Crews can assist in the location of any defects on private property; however, the corrections of any defects are the responsibilities of the property owner.

Smoke coming from the vent stacks on houses is normal. However, smoke coming from holes in the grounds is not normal and is considered a defect. All such defects will be photographed and logged. The City of Treasure Island will contact property owners if a defect is located on private property.

FY 2018 Municipal Facilities Reconstruction
A contract with Harvard Jolly Architecture was awarded on February 7, 2017, along with approval for a work authorization for Phase IA of the project. Phase IA was to provide an evaluation of future building programming and City downtown parking needs, and the development of site evaluations/alternatives for new construction, leading to final site selection. During the public engagement process in 2018, City Commissioners and stakeholders presented additional site alternatives that led to the project being placed on hold. The project hold was announced at a commission meeting on September 18, 2018. Staff has created a project website at and will be finalizing a report to memorialize all actions to date. Link to architect presentation

FY 2018 Sunset Beach Phase VI Stormwater Project: April-October 2018
The final phase of the Sunset Beach Stormwater Best Management Practices Project was constructed and the project is complete. The project successfully connected stormwater infrastructure to West Gulf Blvd. These improvements were designed primarily to improve discharge water quality while improving stormwater drainage during normal tidal events. The project also included the redevelopment the Tern and Ring Billed Gull Parking Lots. Pervious concrete was used along with native vegetation. 

FY 2018 Sunset Beach Boardwalk Reconstruction: Completed August 23, 2018
The City has reconstructed the boardwalk south of 77th Avenue near the Tern Parking Lot. 
mansions boardwalk construction

FY 2018 Central Beach Trail Reconstruction Project: April-August 2018
The Treasure Island Beach Trail was reconstructed to replace cracked panels necessary to improve safety and aesthetics. 

FY 2018 Sunshine & Sunset Beach Renourishment Project: April-June 2018
Beach renourishment has been completed in Treasure Island. Additional project information is available here.

FY 2018 107th Avenue Roadway Improvement/Clock Tower Area: June 11th-August 2018

Improvements were made to 107th Avenue to replace the brick pavers and concrete crosswalk near the clock tower. 

FY 2018 121st Avenue End Street Improvements: End of July - September 2018
Construction on the 121st Ave. end street beautification and drainage improvements project have been completed.