Commemorative Benches

Would you like to donate an item or money for an item such as a tree, bench, plaque or engraved brick pavers, and similar items to be placed/installed at a City facility or public property to commemorate a special event or life of a loved one?
Contact us at 727-547-4575 Ext. 221 or email

The following procedures outline the policies and procedures for having a commemorative item installed, planted or erected at a City facility or public area:
1.    A request to donate a commemorative item shall be submitted in writing to the Recreation Department. Commemoratives shall be in honor or in recognition of a current or past resident (or relative of a resident) or business owner of Pinellas County; or an anniversary, birth, or other special events.
2.    Commissioners wishing to donate a tree in honor or in recognition of a current or past resident (or relative of a resident) or business owner of Pinellas County may utilize the Tree Fund (if funds are available) to match a contribution from their Discretionary Commission Funds.
3.    The request shall be reviewed by the director of the department responsible for the facility where the commemorative item is to be placed. A staff recommendation will be submitted to the Recreation Director for consideration and approval. The Recreation Director may request the City Manager or City Commission consideration of the proposed commemorative when he/she believes it to be appropriate to do so.
4.    The City prefers to receive a cash donation for the commemorative. The cash donation shall cover the cost of the commemorative(s); the labor and accessories to install the commemorative and any Administrative charges to manage the project. The City will purchase the item. The cash donation for the commemorative and labor for installation shall be paid in full and in advance. The City will not collect monies nor hold donations in escrow. Any funds remaining after the purchase and installation of the commemorative shall be returned to the individual(s) or organization(s) making the donation.
5.    A donation of a specific commemorative item, whether or not in honor or celebration of someone, may be accepted with the approval of the City. Acceptance shall be at the discretion of the Recreation Director. This will ensure the item is appropriate for the location where it will be placed, meets City standards for construction soundness, durability and safety, and other considerations such as consistency with other donated items like paver bricks, benches and the like.
6.    The donor shall sign a statement that he/she acknowledges and agrees to:
  1. The City has no duty to guarantee or maintain the commemoration beyond the guarantee given by the manufacturer of the item.
  2. The City has no duty to replace commemorative items that are damaged by vandalism, weather, age, disease, etc.
  3. The City has no duty to transport or replace tree(s) or otherwise move or replace a commemorative that has been removed due to construction, paving, change in park design, damage or unsafe conditions, etc.
  4. The donated item shall become the property of the City and the City has no duty to return the item to the donor.
7.    The City may confer with the donor concerning preference regarding the species, size (caliper or spread), and location of the tree(s), bench, engraved pavers, or other commemorative item as may be appropriate. The donor shall sign a statement that he/she acknowledges and agrees to the final decision concerning the commemorative to be donated and its placement location shall rest with the City.
8.    A recognition plaque or a bench, of a size and material approved by the City, may be placed with the donated item and may include such wording as "Commemorating or Celebrating, the life of Jane Doe, or 50th Anniversary of, or the birth of, but may not say "in memory of". The donor shall sign a statement that he or she acknowledges and agrees that the City will have no duty to repair or replace the donated item should it be diseased, damaged, vandalized, removed or stolen. However, the tree(s), plaque, paver or bench may be replaced or repaired by the City upon written request and advance payment by the donor for the cost of the replacement or repair and staff time to replace or repair.
9.    For tax purposes, upon request the Finance Department will provide a letter or form indicating only what was donated. It will be the responsibility of the donor to establish the value of the donation to meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.

Currently, we are not placing any more benches on the beach due to beach erosion and the relocating of some of the current benches. However, benches can be placed in any of our city parks or Treasure Bay Golf & Tennis.

Benches currently cost between $600-$650 and are taking approximately 6-8 weeks to be delivered. The completion of PAGE 3 of the Commemorative Bench Policy will be required with payment to order the bench.

Engraving is an additional cost and handled through JR Solutions. Vicki Rivrud, Production Manager - JR Laser Solutions 3606 DeSoto Blvd Unit B. Palm Harbor FL 34683.  727-942-0997

Betsy's Bench - Marit, 85th Ave. SBCA 2

Flag Pole Bench Rosselli Park                 Donna White, 84th Avenue, south of walkover


The Commemorative Dog Park Paver Fundraiser will use the engraved pavers to expand the entranceway at John Morroni Memorial Dog Park at Rosselli Park.
The pavers are 8" x 8" and Admiral Red in color. The standard number of characters offered on a 8x8 is 6 lines with 20 characters per line, which includes spacing and punctuation.

If you would like any of the below clip art, it uses 2 lines. Provide the clip art number in TWO of the lines provided.
Dog PawCat PawHeart

Double HeartStar