Engage TI 2020 Survey

Welcome to the City of Treasure Island "Engage TI 2020" page, home for the Treasure Island Community Survey. After almost 2 months of collecting surveys, the window for responses for this year's survey is now closed. Staff will be compiling the data for the public and City Commission to use as we embark on a new five-year Strategic Plan process. 

The Engage TI 2020 Survey results allow us to help shape the Treasure Island community vision and strategic plan. The Treasure Island Engage TI 2020 survey provided an countless response to the following questions:

  • What makes Treasure Island the place that people wish to call home?
  • What makes Treasure Island special and what should Treasure Island become?
  • What are the elements of community that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Treasure Island?

The Engage TI 2020 survey data will also be provided for the City’s upcoming strategic planning session to be held on February 29th at Collaborative Labs to update the Strategic Plan for another 5-year period. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Michael Munger (mmunger@mytreasureisland.org).