Roadway Paving

The City has an ongoing roadway maintenance program.

Currently scheduled projects that will begin prior to the end of the calendar year include:
  • A portion of the southern eastbound lane of the West Causeway where pavement has deteriorated due to drainage issues
  • Select downtown alleys 
  • The east side of Capri Circle North from 2nd Street East to 3rd Street East
  • 7th Street East in the Isle of Palms
  • Paradise Lane (after private development)
The following projects are in the design phase and are planned for construction starting April 2022:
  • A portion of West Gulf Blvd.
  • Island Drive
  • A portion of 2nd Street East in the Isle of Capri
A pavement condition assessment will be performed in the Spring of 2022 to prioritize additional projects.

Updated 1 November 2021