City Projects - Rosselli Park Playground

Rosselli Park Playground

Staff recently solicited quotes for the concrete pad required for the installation of the donated pavilion. The crew completed its work on March 10th and the poured concrete will require a 28-day cure period before the pavilion can be installed. 
Additionally, the playground equipment itself will begin installation on March 15th and is anticipated to take about two weeks to complete. 

Updated: 10 March 2021

The bottle brush tree in the playground has been pruned and the roots treated. In a month, El Cheapo will be on-site to inject the tree with nutrients, which will enhance the foliage. The four sabal palms, one bottle brush tree and paurotis palm have been removed.
On Monday, February 15th, staff will meet with Wayne Armand, Project Innovations to stake out new play area, begin removing the sod and remove existing playground equipment. Public Works and Recreation staff should be on-site most of the week next week.  Additionally, the park will be without playground equipment for a few weeks. Mid-week, Public Works will begin building the forms for the slab for the pavilion. 

Updated: 12 February 2021

On January 19th, the Commission approved the installation of a new playground at Rosselli Park which will be installed east of the existing playground area. A document indicating the project area and three potential project renderings can be viewed here. Additionally, through a very generous donation of an Isle of Capri resident, a new 20x20 wooden pavilion will be installed at Rosselli Park. A possible rendering of that pavilion can be accessed here.

Public Works is going to remove the concrete slabs the last week of January and temporarily relocate the picnic tables to the area by the shuffleboard courts. A tree service company is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of February 8th to remove the trees for the installation of the new playground and the 20x20 pavilion as well as begin the vertical mulching and pruning of the bottle brush tree located in the current playground. The building of the slab and the removal of the playground equipment will occur once the trees are removed. 

Updated: 26 January 2021