Treasure Bay Golf & Tennis Future Planning

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Two public community engagement sessions were held on Dec. 1 and 4, 2021 at the Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium to discuss the future of the Treasure Bay Golf & Tennis Facility. Community input was requested to begin developing a multi-year Capital Improvement Plan to enable funding and grants.

Wide aerial view of golf course at the Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis facilityIn the past few years, the city held several engagement opportunities. In 2017, the University of South Florida completed a student project on Treasure Bay where students and professors provided different plans and amenities for the Treasure Bay property.

A Master Park Plan was adopted in August 2020. The Master Park Plan process took over two years and included Park Planning and Pizza community sessions and Focus Groups. The Master Park Plan Goals are as follows:

  1. Provide a safer environment to walk and bike by improving connectivity between parks and public placesWide aerial view of tennis courts at the Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis facility
  2. Improve water access and water activities
  3. Provide community workout/exercise equipment
  4. Promote inclusiveness
  5. Enhance public spaces with public art
  6. Provide opportunities for the community to gather outside
  7. Provide unique community events and programming
  8. Enhance environmental education programs
  9. Incorporate environmental sustainability elements into parks and public spaces

An objective of the city's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is to promote Treasure Bay as a Flagship Waterfront Recreational Facility.

The City Commission will be discussing the future planning for Treasure Bay at the March 1, 2022, Commission Workshop. CLICK HERE to watch the meeting online.

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2017 USF Re-Imagine Treasure Bay Study & Engagement
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