City Projects - Treasure Bay Living Shoreline

Treasure Bay Living Shoreline

A City-wide seawall assessment was performed in 2020 and the results prioritized repairs needed at Treasure Bay estimated to cost approximately $1.8M.

TB Seawall Assessment

Treasure Bay Seawall Inspection Condition Rating Map

In lieu of performing traditional seawall repairs, the City applied for a grant from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program to replace the seawall with a living shoreline. Treasure Bay is a prime location to install a living shoreline. Living shorelines help to protect property from erosion while providing habitat, and improving water quality. Also, living shorelines generally require less costly maintenance than traditional seawalls. The grant was awarded in June 2020 and the project will provide a living shoreline/living seawall design for the entire 2,340 feet of existing seawall and replacement of the first 500 feet of seawall (northwest section) with a living shoreline. The ecological function of the golf course’s stormwater/hazard ponds will also be restored. The project officially kicked-off at the end of January 2021 and the design and permitting will take approximately one year to complete.

In addition to the construction of the first 500 feet of living shoreline, the City is also pursuing grant funding to convert the remaining portions of seawall on site and to add a kayak launch with a washdown station and a walking trail around the perimeter of the facility.

This project has been paused temporarily as additional grant funding for the living shoreline is being sought.

Updated: 31 August 2021