The city of Treasure Island strives to be a place for all to live, work and play while also meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness. The city assists many homeless individuals and families each year, however, there are factors out of our control driving homelessness in our community that remain stronger than ever and are pushing more of our neighbors onto the streets every day. This is a regional issue, not exclusive to our city.

Homeless Rights Under the Law
• Homeless residents have a constitutionally protected right to be in city parks or on other city lands of their choosing that are open to the general public.
• It is unconstitutional to prohibit sleeping on public property where there is a lack of sufficient homeless shelter space. Essentially, a city cannot impose criminal penalties for sitting, sleeping or lying outside on public property on homeless individuals who can not obtain shelter.
• Panhandling/begging is considered speech, which is constitutionally protected.

How to Help or Get Help
• Dial 2-1-1 or text your zip code to 898211.

• Homeless Leadership Alliance of Pinellas County, pinellashomeless.org.
Click here for a list of shelters, food pantries and resources

Life Intervention Focus Team Initiative (LIFT)
Lift is a program the Treasure Island Police Department and Treasure Island Fire Rescue developed to help provide solutions for our community’s most at-risk populations.
• Mental health and mental health emergency services (under the Baker Act)
• Substance abuse treatment programs (connecting with rehabilitation programs and transportation)
• Shelter and homelessness prevention to nonprofits and community organizations positioned to provide solutions, encouragement, and follow-up.

Links to Homelessness Resources