Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

The City is moving towards the use of Florida-friendly landscaping that is easier to maintain and requires less water and chemicals. Since we're on a barrier island, we have an important responsibility to reduce our impact to our surrounding waterbodies. Florida-friendly landscaping also provides habitat and attracts crucial pollinators and butterflies! Keeping in mind that different plants do well and appear nicer in different applications, several landscaping palettes are being developed to guide plantings: one for roadway areas, one for beach-front properties and one for parks and City buildings. In developing these palettes, many factors are being considered including salt tolerance, watering and sunlight needs, preferred soil conditions, chemical (herbicide/pesticide/fertilizer) requirements, growth rates and required maintenance intervals. Also being considered is how readily-available and costly the plant species are, as the City has so many areas to maintain. The resulting landscaping palettes will be updated as needed depending on cost, availability and other factors.

Treasure Island Causeway and City Roadway Palette
Being that the Causeway is the City’s primary entrance, a shapely, year-round colorful aesthetic was sought. Knowledgeable City staff that have worked on our City's grounds for more than 30 years provided valuable input as to what works well and is easy to maintain in our environment. A separate palette is being developed for roadway drainage swale applications. These plants will need to perform well under periods of wet or dry conditions.

Roadway Landscape Palette
perspective screenshot

Beach-Front Landscaping Palette

Meant to look like an extension of the sand dunes, a beach-front vegetation palette was also developed. This palette is currently used in the Tern and Ring Billed Gull parking lots located in Sunset Beach.

City Parks and Facilities Landscaping Palette
There is more flexibility in the types of plants that can be used in our parks and around our buildings. A draft palette is being developed now and will be posted here once complete. Community feedback will be encouraged once we begin working to finalize those vegetation recommendations.