Sustainability Survey

2021 Sustainability Survey

In April-May 2021, the City is conducted a community survey to guide the development of a Sustainability & Resiliency Plan. Feedback from the survey will be incorporated into the plan and will help to prioritize future initiatives. Although there are many challenges ahead, the survey presented an exciting opportunity to take a step back and think about how to make Treasure Island a better place to live today and for future generations. Thank you to everyone that took the time to participate!

Number of Responses: 206

Question 1: How important is sustainability and resiliency planning for the City of Treasure Island (5 stars being the most important)?
Response: 4.5 Average Rating
Response Detail:  (1) 4 votes, 2.23%; (2) 3 votes, 1.68%; (3) 10 votes, 5.59%; (4) 43 votes, 24.02%; (5) 119 votes, 66.48%

Question 2: Please select the five most important sustainability aspects for Treasure Island (select up to 5). Note: the choices were presented in varied order to survey participants.
Answer Choices Responses Percentage
Marine Water Quality (clean stormwater runoff, Florida-friendly landscaping, pervious roads, etc.) 151 73.3%
Preparation for more intense and frequent storms 102 49.51%
Resilient shorelines (living shorelines, higher seawalls, etc.) 100 48.54%
Planning for impacts of sea level rise (elevation of homes/facilities/roadways) 94 45.63%
Energy (increased efficiency and renewables, undergrounding, electric vehicle charging stations) 82 39.81%
Encourage water reduction/increased recycling/composting/etc. for residents and businesses 76 36.89%
Additional walking trails/sidewalks/bicycle lanes/public transit 71 34.47%
Additional parks/green space/wildlife habitat 70 33.98%
Additional waterway facilities and amenities (docks, boat ramps, kayak launches, etc.) 55 26.70%
Extreme heat relief (adding shade trees/structures, water bottle filling stations, cooling stations, etc.) 48 23.30%
Sustainable City Buildings (water and energy efficient, welcome and inviting, etc.) 30 14.56%
Environmental events and public education 21 10.19%

Question 3: Which of the following do you think is the biggest reason to have a Sustainability Plan? Please choose one.
Answer Choices  Responses   Percentage
To provide a sustainable environment for future generations 114 55.34%
For a better quality of life 82 39.81%
To stabilize the costs of food and utilities, etc. 13 6.31%
Sustainability planning isn't important to me 10 4.85%
Other 6 2.91%

Question 4:  What level of responsibility do you think the City of Treasure Island has in reducing the impacts of climate change and sea level rise (5 meaning that the City is most responsible and 1 meaning that the City is not responsible)?
Response: 3.5 Average Rating
Response Detail:  (1) 29 votes, 14.29%; (2) 13 votes, 6.40%; (3) 56 votes, 27.59%; (4) 45 votes, 22.17%; (5) 60 votes, 29.56%

Question 5: What does sustainability mean to you?
word cloud
Question 6: Are you familiar with the City's recently adopted Watershed Management Plan?
Response: 33 respondents or 16.02% answered "Yes"

Question 7: In your opinion, how imminent are the impacts of climate change?
Answer Choices Responses  Percentage
Currently occurring 97 47.90%
Within 10 years 21 10.19%
Within 25 years 23 11.17%
Within 50 years 24 11.65%
After the year 2100 11 5.34%
I don't believe Treasure Island will experience impacts due to climate change. 30 14.56%

Question 8: Which of the following apply to you? Choose all that apply.
Answer Choices Responses Percentage
Full time City resident 185 89.81%
Seasonal City resident 19 9.22%
Visitor/Tourist 0 0.00%
Business Owner 19 9.22%
Employed on the Island 11 5.34%
Other 7 3.40%

Question 9: What would be the best way for the City to share sustainability updates with the public? Please choose one. 
Answer Choices  Responses Percentage
Email 98 47.57%
City Website 50 24.27%
Social Media 46 22.33%
Civic Associations 8 3.88%
Chamber of Commerce 0 0.00%
N/A; do not wish to be contacted with updates 4 1.94%

Question 10: Please enter any additional comments here.
Responses are currently being summarized.

Updated 18.May.2021