What to do if an Evacuation Order is Issued

  • Be ready to drive 20 to 50 miles inland to locate a safe place. Leave as soon as possible.
  • Secure your home by unplugging appliances and turning off electricity and the main water valve.
  • Tell someone outside of the storm area where you are going.
  • Bring pre-assembled emergency supplies and warm protective clothing. Take blankets and sleeping bags to shelter. Lock up home and leave.
  • The evacuation route off Treasure Island is the Treasure Island Causeway.
  • Evacuation notification will be telecast in Treasure Island on TITV644 and on Pinellas 622. For official information before, during and after a storm, listen to Pinellas County AM radio station WEOC-940 AM.

Special Medical Needs Evacuees

  • People with medical problems or handicaps that require special assistance during an evacuation can register for special needs assistance. Contact the Treasure Island Fire Department at 547-4590 and register as a Special Needs Evacuee.